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selling all my pre-loved items as my wardrobe is close to exploding!!! help me prevent that disaster from happening! xx

e-mail to if interested :)

Casual wine colour T-shirt. Fits casually, has a low-high cut at the bottom. Goes well with some distressed black denim jeans or high waisted pants. 

I LOVE this shirt. I love it so much I insisted on buying it no matter how much it cost, only to realize that I don't have the chance to wear it out at all. I bought it from Gmarket Korea at about $40 and did not worn it before. So this is a steal especially if you work in the office! 

Blue-grey Disney shirt I got overseas, great for layering under denim jackets and a pair of jeans for that casual chic look. 

One piece bodycon black tank. Got it from Gmarket Korea and hardly wore it. Great for layering. 

Hot pink polo shirt

Red pini mini dress, would look best with a belt or layer a shirt above or under it for different looks.

Black V-neck shirt with a gold eagle detail at the back. Got it from Gmarket Korea, only wore it once.

Ivory sheer top dress. Material is very light so it can be tucked in to become a top as well. Reason for selling it - I'm not thin enough to wear this haha. Not worn before. 

Black lace top dress. Got this from Gmarket Korea as well and only wore it once because I am too short for it.

Pink baby doll dress

Wine peplum top. I got the same one in grey which I wear a lot more often so I don't think I need this.

Black basic shirt with sequins pocket. Love this a lot but recently I hardly wear it out.




One of my favorites but selling it away because I need to clear my wardrobe. Got it from Korea and absolutely love it. I wear it either on it's own or as an outerwear.

I would love to keep this but because I have to clear my wardrobe...... I really like the design, it gives a chic look and the cutting is great as well. It's very comfy too! If I can't sell this I'd probably keep it for the cold weathers.

This has the same cut as my other checkered shirt, it just proves how much I love it that I got another color.

Oversized shirt inspired by the ones seen on BoA and GD. I LOVE this top and I remember it was really pricey. I got it from Korea, in great material!

Never thought I'd have to sell this... Another one of my fav. As seen on SHINee's Key, and many many many more! (I can't remember but quite a few Kpop star wore this.)

Really pretty floral dress I got in a blogshop but had never once wore it because I couldn't find the chance to do so. For those who can easily pull off the floral/spring look, this is for you!

Another one of my treasures. PLAY Comme Des Garcons inspired shirt with a PLAY Comme Des Garcons tag. It was expensive as well but I liked it as it was seen on GD (and others) before.

YSL shirt I bought as it was seen on Seungri. Selling it because I hardly wear it anymore.

Light Khaki pants which I bought for like $30? And only wore it once since then so decided to let it go because it's a little too big for me! It's baggy at the top slowly fits better (not totally though) towards the bottom.

One of my favorite dress! Reeeeally pretty and honestly I wore this quite a few times already because I love it. Have to sell it because I'm changing up my style so..... :/

 Khaki jeggings which are great for work/formal outfits with a little casual feel. My sister likes it but I don't so I'm gonna sell it away!


Black puffy lacy skirt which I got but only wore it once. It didn't suit my style either so off it goes!

I really like this top and would love to keep it but yeah.... I love the cutting and the tiger print and how the white tiger kinda blends in with the white background. Matches great with black jeans or any high waist shorts for that rainy day casual look!

Cream high waist shorts which I didn't even wear out once because I've got no idea how to match it.

Would love to keep it but it's a little too big for me even though it's in the smallest size available. It's in good material and the cutting is super lovely! Only thing is it's too big for me...